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Bucket Hat FAQs

Where is Bucket Hats NZ based?

Bucket Hats NZ is based in Auckland, New Zealand. We are a fully NZ-owned and NZ-operated business. At present, we do not have a physical store. Customer orders must be placed online and will be dispatched from our Auckland location.

How should a bucket hat fit?

Bucket hats should fit snuggly on your head but not so tight that it provides discomfort. The brim should rest in a position that protects your eyes and ears from direct sunlight.

What size bucket hat should I wear?

For most adults, a medium-sized bucket hat will be suitable. For most children, a small-sized bucket hat will be suitable. Please refer to our Hat Sizing Guide to determine your perfect bucket hat size.

How do you clean a bucket hat?

For most cotton-based bucket hats, a simple machine wash or hand wash will be fine. Learn about how to care for different hat types in our Hat Care Guide.

Are bucket hats in style in 2024?

Bucket hats remain popular in 2024, despite having been invented over 100 years ago. In fact, bucket hat popularity continues to increase alongside the rise of modern Hip-Hop culture and its close association with outdoor music festivals.