Collection: Bucket Hats for Women

We've got the bucket hats women love for prices you can actually afford. Explore our range of stylish and chic women's bucket hats and express your inner queen.

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Bucket Hats for Women

Women's Bucket Hat FAQs

What do women wear with a bucket hat?

There are lots of outfits for women that go great with a bucket hat. At the beach, big-brimmed bucket hats go great with a swimsuit or lightweight cover-up. In winter, bucket hats can add a bit of flair to any thick coat or jacket.

How should I wear my hair with a bucket hat?

If your hair is long, keep it down or tied in braids while wearing a bucket hat. If your hair is short, you may choose to hide it inside the hat or wear it with a fringe out the front - both options look great.

How do you rock a bucket hat for women?

Women can rock a bucket hat in many awesome styles. Thanks to the bucket hat's unique shape, you can adjust where it sits and the position of the brim to get many different looks.

Some bucket hats are even reversible, doubling the number of looks you can rock.

Should a bucket hat be tight or loose?

A bucket hat should be slightly loose so that it doesn't hurt your head over time. Bucket hats that are too tight can cause headaches and discomfort.