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Keep your head fashionable and your face protected with our latest range of sweet bucket hats for men. Shop men's bucket hats and sun hats right here.

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Men's Bucket Hat FAQs

How do I choose a bucket hat for men?

If you're choosing a bucket hat for a man, consider his dress style, his interests, and his head size. Look for a hat that you think he would like based on those factors.

Hair colour and skin tone can also affect the look of a man's bucket hat. Contrast dark features with bright colours and light features with dark colours for a powerful look.

Can guys wear bucket hats?

Bucket hats are a unisex accessory, meaning anyone can wear one.

Anyone can wear anything, of course! But bucket hats are popular among all genders and it is not uncommon to see men wearing them.

What are bucket hats actually called?

"Bucket hat" is the most commonly used name for soft hats with a short brim all the way around. Bucket hats are also called fisherman's hats and sometimes mistaken for panama hats, which are a different shape.

What face shape do bucket hats suit?

Bucket hats suit nearly all face shapes thanks to their unique design.

For round heads, large heads, or square heads, brim-down style looks great.

For small heads, long heads, or narrow heads, try flipping the front of the brime or all of the brim out and up.