Collection: Sun Hats

Keep your face protected from the sun this summer (or winter). Explore NZ's finest range of sun hats, boonies, visor caps, and more. Stay sun safe!

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Common questions about sun hats

What type of hat is best for sun protection?

Sun hats with wide brims give the most sun protection because they protect the face, head, neck, and ears. Hats made from dense material will typically give more protection from the sun than thinner fabrics.

How do you pick a flattering sun hat?

To pick a flattering sun hat you should first look for something that matches your style. Consider your skin tone and hair colour - choose a contrasting sun hat for an eye-catching look.

Which colour sun hat is best for the sun?

White sun hats are the best colour for protecting you from the sun. Lighter colours deflect UV, whereas darker colours absorb it.

Is wearing a hat better than sunscreen?

Wearing a hat may do a better job of protecting your face from the sun's rays. But the best protection is to use sunscreen and wear a hat whenever you are outdoors during daytime.