Fall Styles: 10 Trendy Bucket Hats for Autumn

Fall Styles: 10 Trendy Bucket Hats for Autumn - Bucket Hats NZ

Kia ora, cuzzies.

Today, we’re going to cover the trendiest buckets for the new season.

Autumn is a funny month, because there is a silent 'n' at the end. What's all that about? And what does it have to do with bucket hats?

Well, you don't pronounce the 'n' in 'bucket hats' either. Because there isn't one.

Keep reading to find out the 10 most fashionable bucket hats for autumn.

1. Floral Bucket Hat

floral bucket hat

The Old Fashioned Floral Bucket Hat perfectly blends the feeling of slow autumn days.

Wearable indoors and out, this lid is more well-rounded than Dan Carter pre-DIC. It comes in 3 gentle autumn colours - find the one that’s right for you today!

Shop now: Floral Bucket Hats

2. Fluro Bucket Hat

Visible from your aunty’s mate’s place, the neon fluro bucket hat brings some cheery brightness to those duller autumn afternoons.

If you’re hitting the work site, a festy, or just kicking it at the beach - the fluro bucket hat is an ideal accessory.

Shop now: Fluro Bucket Hats

3. Kaleidoscopic Bucket Hat

If you’re into mind-blowing patterns, this one’s for you.

The Kaleidoscopic bucket hat stands out like a vibrant explosion of colour, especially against a backdrop of orange autumn trees.

Shop now: Kaleidoscopic Bucket Hat

4. Retro Rainbow Bucket Hat

rainbow bucket hat

On a cloudy day, the Retro Rainbow bucket hat stands out like an emo in a wedding dress.

This bright a colourful bucket will throw brighten anyone’s day - or night. Perfect for autumn, as it’s easy to find in a leaf stack.

Shop now: Retro Rainbow Bucket Hat

5. Surf Bucket Hat

The water is getting chilly… make the most of it while you can!

This multipurpose Surf Bucket Hat includes a clip on chin-strap and quick-drying fabric so it stays on your head even in the gnarliest barrels.

Shop now: Surf Bucket Hat

6. Avocado Bravado Bucket Hat

Avocado lovers, these lids are your new best friend.

While we can’t promise they taste great smashed up on toast or tossed in a salad, we can promise they’ll keep your head looking trendy as hell all year long.

Shop now: Avocado Bucket Hat

7. Furry Leopard Bucket Hat

leopard hat

Feeling chilly? Protect yourself from the cold with these ULTRA-SOFT pink furry leopard bucket hats.

This sits somewhere between ferocious and fuzzy, just like you probably do.

Shop now: Furry Leopard Bucket Hat

8. Cheeky Takeaways Bucket Hat

Autumn is cheat season. And who doesn’t love a dirty takeaway every once in a while?

These Cheeky Takeaways Bucket Hats are ideal for wearing in autumn, to remind you how good food can taste if you let yourself indulge.

Shop now: Cheeky Takeaways Bucket Hat

9. Starry Night Bucket Hat

Napoleon once said: “If he abandons his Spiritual Wife the stars and cosmos will abandon him.”

We don’t really know what this means, and we don’t expect you to either. 

But if you’re a fan of the night sky and our beautiful solar system, the Starry Night bucket hat is for you.

Shop now: Starry Bucket Hat

10. Striped 7-Panel Bucket Hat

striped bucket hat

Looking for something that’s practical and fashionable? Look no further.

Autumn is the season for breaking out your best lids, and the Striped 7-Panel is more of a statement than Lady Gaga dressing up as a Butcher’s Shop.

Shop now: 7 Panel Bucket Hat

Wow, these are some awesome buckets. How do I get a discount?

If you're looking for cheap bucket hats, you've come to the right places.

Bucket Hats NZ offers plenty of ways to get lids for cheap.

Check out our Wholesale Bucket Hats contact page if you're looking for bulk purchases. Or sign up for our newsletter via the Homepage to get in on awesome cheap deals.

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