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Hatstores are plentiful in NZ. There are 100s of them.

So why bother joining such a crowded market? Why compete with so many other hatstores in NZ instead of just selling something different?

But that’s just it: Bucket Hats NZ offers what’s missing in all the other NZ hatstores right now… variety.

If you’ve been looking for hats in NZ and have been disappointed by your findings, it’s no wonder.

They all sell the same old stuff.

In this article, we’ll explain what sets Bucket Hats NZ apart from every other hatstore in New Zealand, and why it should be your number-one choice when shopping for hats online.

In this blog about NZ hatstores:

  • The problem with hatstores in NZ
  • How Bucket Hats NZ is changing the landscape
  • The top 10 hats you can only get at Bucket Hats NZ

Take a look.


The problem with NZ hatstores

Hatstores in NZ have long suffered the same problem.

They all sell the exact same hats.

Whether it’s a streetwear store selling snapbacks, baseball caps, and maybe even a bucket hat or two, you know exactly what to expect.

Here’s the standard NZ streetwear hat inventory list:

  • NFL snapbacks (mostly Yankees hats)
  • NBA snapbacks (mostly Chicago Bulls hats)
  • Baseballs caps with sports brand logos on them (Nike, Adidas, New Era)
  • Kangol bucket hats
  • Nike bucket hats
  • Sports visor hats

Oh, and let me guess… they’re all about $89.99 + delivery.

This means, even if you save up all your hard-earned money for an awesome hat, you’ll most likely end up with the exact same hat as all your other mates in NZ.

Enter: Bucket Hats NZ.


Bucket Hats NZ: More than just another NZ hatstore

When we started Bucket Hats NZ we weren’t looking for a gap in the market.

We were just looking for somewhere to buy a decent hat that was affordable, original, and not plastered with logos from big American corporations. No such hatstore existed in NZ.

So we made our own.

Bucket Hats NZ seeks out bucket hats, snapbacks, baseball caps, and beanies that aren’t identical to every other hat you see on the streets of Auckland City.

We’ve got hats to protect you from the sun, hats to wear while drinking beer, hats to keep you warm in winter, and, mostly, hats that just look damn good on your gorgeous bloody head.

Don’t believe us?

Check out the list below of the best hats you can only get from one hatstore in NZ – this one.


10 unique hats you can only find on Bucket Hats NZ

At Bucket Hats NZ, we pride ourselves on our unique range of bucket hats, sun hats, caps, and beanies.

Check out some of the various hats we provide based on real Kiwi needs.


Bucket hats for big heads

If you’ve got a big head, you’ll know exactly how hard it can be to find a lid that fits.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

We have a unique selection of plain bucket hats for big heads and reversible bucket hats for big heads, each coming in a range of different colours and sizes.


Bucket hats for kids

Why should adults have all the fun?

The best thing about bucket hats is that you’re never too old – or too young – to wear one.

Our bucket hats for kids range has something for children of all ages, from babies and toddlers to young kids and pre-teens.

Some of our most popular bucket hats for kids include:

Surprise your kid or a kid you know with an awesome bucket hat next time you’re trying to buy their love. Trust us, it’ll work.


Funny bucket hats

Another thing missing from nearly all hatstores in NZ: Hats with humour.

New Zealanders take pride in our sense of humour and ability to take the piss out of anything and everything, so why shouldn’t our hats reflect that?

Here are a few of the funny bucket hats that we supply:

And that’s just the start.


Search “funny” in the Bucket Hats NZ search more to find the rest.


Cool bucket hats

Sure, the word “cool” is subjective.

But according to other NZ hatstores, “cool” just means American sports team or enormous global sportswear corporation logo.

We think “cool” is whatever makes you feel cool. So we’ve got a little something for everyone.

If you like to party like it’s the 80s, we’ve some shiny party bucket hats for you, too.

Or, if you're mad for peacocks, check out our electrifying peacock feather bucket hat.


Sun hats that completely protect you from the sun

Dear Redheads, Pale People, and anyone with skin that’s sensitive to sunlight…

We got you.

As an NZ hatstore we consider it our duty to protect our community from Aotearoa’s deadly sun. Bucket hats provide an excellent 360deg protection, but sometimes even that’s not good enough.

If you’re truly worried about getting burnt, check out our wide-brim sun hats that include a reliable neck flap, or our much-loved any-weather sun hat that can be folded protect as much of your face as needs protecting from the sun.

Stay sun safe this summer. Get yourself a reliable sun hat.

Trippy bucket hats for wearing to festivals

Bucket hats have become synonymous with festivals in recent years.

So what would a good bucket hat store be without a few trippy numbers?

Our range of festi-fit bucket hats is huge and always growing.

Check out some of our favourite Tie-Dye Bucket Hats.

And that's just the trip of the iceberg ;) 

Beanies and winter hats that keep your whole face warm

New Zealand has some of the most unpredictable weather in the whole world.

It’s our job to make sure you’re protected all year round.

That’s why we’ve got a broad range of winter hats, super soft beanies, and even a full-face bomber hat for those extra cold nights.


Bucket hats with fruit on them

Everybody loves fruit. Even monkeys. And monkeys are awesome.

So we made sure to include a few tasty fruit and vege bucket hats in our catalogue that you won’t find at any other hatstores in NZ.

Take your pick: Bananas or avocados.

We know whatever you choose will look dope, because, well, we picked ‘em.


Leopard print bucket hats

leopard print bucket hat

Last but never least

Leopard print bucket hats!

We know how much you love leopards because that’s how much we love leopards, too.

So, as an integrity-driven NZ hatstore, we knew we needed to stock more than just one kind.

In fact, we’ve got several.

Check out our original leopard print bucket hat, our spicier gloss-finish leopard hat, and our ultra soft perfect-for-winter leopard bucket hats.


Is there a type of bucket hat you wish we had in our store?

Send us a message and let us know! We’re here to please you and ONLY you.

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