How to wear a beanie [Guide]

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If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to wear a beanie the right way, you’re not alone.

Beanies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, just like our heads. The trick is to learn which style best suits you. This guide breaks down how to wear a beanie for different hair types and genders.

Let’s take a look.

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How to wear a beanie with thick hair

If you’ve got thick hair, finding the right beanie can be difficult. 

You need something flexible enough to fit it all in, along with an understanding of how to arrange your hair under the beanie.

Here are our top tips for wearing a beanie with thick hair:

  • Select a beanie made from flexible fabric or a blend of stretchy materials.
  • Brush and untangle your hair before trying the beanie on. Knots and tangles can make it less comfortable and more difficult to wear beanies.
  • Consider tying your thick hair into a bun or knot. This creates a smooth base, preventing uneven bulk in other places.
  • Look for an especially baggy beanie that can be adjusted to hide uneven patches of thick hair.
  • After putting the beanie on, gently tug some of your hair out to frame your face and free up extra room inside the beanie.
  • Use bobby pins and hairclips to secure loose strands that you’re having trouble keeping inside the beanie.

There’s no reason people with thick hair shouldn’t wear beanies, it’s all about finding a good lid and styling your hair in a comfortable way.

Best beanies for people with thick hair:

beanies for skaters and people with thick hair

How to wear a beanie with short hair

If you’ve got short hair, you’re in luck. Wearing a beanie is typically easier with short or thin hairstyles.

Here are our top tips for wearing a beanie with short hair:

  • Wash and dry your hair before wearing a beanie to ensure a comfy fit.
  • Select a beanie that fits tight enough that you can feel some pressure, but not so tight that it causes any pain or discomfort.
  • Try styling and folding the beanie in different ways. Compare how it looks covering your entire forehead and ears with how it looks leaving some or all of them exposed. Experiment in the mirror until you’re happy with the result.
  • Consider a fisherman beanie or something that isn’t very baggy to find a style that suits your short hair.

Beanies can be accessorised and styled in hundreds of different ways. Don’t forget that you can add decorations to the outside of the beanie, as well as style it in multiple shapes.

Best beanies for people with short hair:

How to wear a beanie for girls

Girls can wear beanies in lots of ways, and there is no “correct” style.

However, you should try out multiple different looks in the mirror until you find the one that seems to suit you best.

Here are some popular ways to wear a beanie for girls:

  • The Hair-down: As with the casual, wear the beanie further back on your head. Allow all of your hair to naturally flow freely out of the beanie so that it frames your face.
  • The Side Sweep: Place the beanie on a slight angle on your head so that one ear is exposed and the other is hidden for a trendier, unbalanced look.
  • The Knot: Tie your hair into a ponytail or bun then pull the beanie on over top.
  • The Mess: Shake your hair before putting the beanie over your head, so that random strands fall across your forehead and face. Tuck hairs away and gently pull some out to adjust for the perfect look.

Remember, there’s no single correct way for girls to wear beanies. So experiment with different styles until you find a look you love, and then rock it!

Best beanies for girls to wear:

how to wear a beanie for guys

How to wear a beanie for guys

Just like girls, guys have plenty of options when it comes to wearing a beanie.

Try out a few of the techniques mentioned in this guide to determine which style best matches how you’d like to look.

Here are some popular ways to wear a beanie for guys:

  • The Classic: Unroll the entire beanie and pull it all the way down, semi-tight against your scalp. If the beanie is so big that it covers your eyes, roll up the front or the entire bottom to enable better vision.
  • The Casual: Best done with a slouchy or baggy beanie, position the beanie quite far back on your head and tuck most of your hair in so that only some of your fringe shows in the front.
  • The Double-up: Put on a thin, tight-fitting beanie underneath a baggy or slouchy beanie for double the warmth (and double the style). This look offers extra insulation and can help make your head shape appear smooth beneath the outer beanie.

Consider how the colour and shape of your beanie go with the rest of your outfit. You can wear bright beanies with dark outfits and dark beanies with bright outfits for contrast, or match the colour for a blended look.

Best beanies for guys to wear:

How to wear a beanie like a skater

Beanies have always been popular. But they were perhaps first made “cool” by the late 20th-century skateboarding revolution.

Here are some easy ways to wear a beanie and look like a skater:

  • Wear your beanie under your hoodie hood. The classic beanie-under-hoodie look is perfect for those mid-winter ramp sessions.
  • Make it askew. A large part of the skater identity is not conforming to how ‘normal’ people dress. Tilt your beanie to one side to show you really don’t give a crap what other people think of you.
  • Cuff it and fold it. Skateboarders love to fold or cuff the edges of their beanies for a more structured look.
  • Don’t touch the hair. Rather than tucking your hair away inside the beanie, simply plop the beanie over your hair as it is and let those sweet long locks hang all the way out.

Skateboard culture is all about self-expression. Give yourself the freedom to choose a style that you believe best represents you, and people will respect the authenticity of your unique style.

Best beanies to wear to look like a skater:

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