The 11 Best Bucket Hats Trending Right Now

best bucket hats in new zealand

At Bucket Hats NZ, we don’t just do plain buckets.

While we can’t deny the classics, a fresh lid can add much-needed glamour to your usual style. So let’s cover some of the hottest bucket hats trending right now.

11 Bucket Hats Trending in 2023

What makes a bucket hat trendy?

Well, we reckon it’s a mixture of how it looks, how you feel wearing it, and a bit of unique flair to put it above the rest. Here are 11 of our favourite bucket hats trending this year.

Vibrant party bucket hats

best bucket hat

Party hats are essential tools for anybody who likes having fun. They’re like the alan key of a good time. And the more vibrant, in our opinion, the better the time.

1. Peacock feather bucket hat

The peacock feather bucket hat features an eye-catching design with soft neon-coloured feathers against a matte black background.

This hat is for those who really know how to strut their stuff and be the life of the party.

Bird lovers, peacock lovers, and just lovers in general should get their mitts on one of these stunning bucket hats while they’re still around.

2. Fluffy bucket hat

Softer than a soccer player with a bruised need, the fluffy bucket hat will earn more head pats than your neighbour’s puppy.

Available in rainbow, black, and electric blue, this lid is great for keeping cosy in the winter or rocking out at a fun festival in the summer.

3. Radiant jungle bucket hat

Is that the Amazon calling?

Toucans, palm leaves, and amazing party vibes make this bright and bubbly bucket hat a treat for the eyes. Perfect for raves, discos, and shamanic ceremonies in the Peruvian rainforest.

If you’re looking for DMT in a hat - this is it. The radiant jungle bucket hat will rock your reality, and beyond.

Animal print bucket hats

trending animal bucket hats

Animals and bucket hats go together like humans and, um, bucket hats.

Here are a few beastly lids we highly recommend.

4. Furry leopard bucket hat

Pounce on the latest fashion trend with a ferocious furry leopard bucket hat.

You’ll stand out in any crowd - or blend into a pink savannah - and look absolutely fabulous doing it.

The best part? It’s super soft and cosy, so you can wear it all year round and stay protected from all conditions.

5. Shark attack bucket hat

For those with a vicious side, we’ve got the bucket hat for you.

Dotted with bright and fearsome sharks, this reversible polyester shark attack bucket hat will turn heads - and then chomp them right off.

As bucket hat experts, we know a good hat when we see one. And no sharks need to hold us hostage to tell you that this shark attack bucket hat is one of the most stylish lids in all the seven seas.

6. Sea turtle bucket hat

Ocean lovers, your new favourite bucket hat is here.

Styled after one of the most loved animals on the planet, our sea turtle bucket hat is a refreshing splash of superior design and sleek comfort.

Swim away with an incredible deal - you won’t find the sea turtle bucket hat anywhere else.

7. Comfy cow bucket hat

Who let the cows out? (MOO, MOO, MOO-MOO!)

Kiwis are the best farmers on the whole planet. And what better way to celebrate our unbeatable dairy industry than with an unbeatable bovine bucket?

Available in multiple colours, the comfy cow bucket hat will keep the sun off your face whether you’re at the beach or out on the farm.

Special bucket hats

trending bucket hats

Finally, our list of best bucket hats in 2023 for New Zealanders ends with some of the most unique hats in the entire world. Check out these sweet caps - who knows, maybe you’ll find one in your letterbox in the near future.

8. Frog bucket hat

Perhaps the most popular bucket hat on Planet Earth, the green froggy bucket hat is sure to turn heads - and scare the crap out of house flies.

“Trendy” barely begins to cover it. This amphibious-lidious lets everybody within seeing distance know exactly how much you love those adorable pond dwellers.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s available for adults and children? That’s right, there’s one for the whole family.

9. Christmas bucket hat

If Big Nick had a bucket, it would be this stunning Christmas bucket hat.

Perfect for a merry day in the sun, these jovial bucket hats are ideal for ushering in the Holy Spirit - or just a bottle or two at the beach.

Get Kiwi summer done right with the only hat designed for Xmas in NZ.

10. Camo bucket hat

It’s hard to describe the camo bucket hat because we’ve never actually seen it.

We’ve heard it’s amazing, though. So you should definitely add it to your wishlist if you’re upset that invisibility potions don’t really exist.

11. Checkered bucket hat

Chess and checkers players might give you a bit of trouble, but it’ll be worth it to rock an ultra-trendy checkered bucket hat everywhere you go.

Made famous by the Queen of Hearts in her debut film, Alice in Wonderland, this checkered - or chequered (we won’t argue) - bucket is the perfect way to round off this list.
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