Top 6 Hats To Protect You From The Sun

Hats that protect you from the sun

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

But there's one major downside to living here: We're right below the hole in the ozone layer.

That means the sun can be pretty killer.

That's why we've put together this list of the best hats to protect you from the sun.

Now you can stay sun-safe and look good doing it this summer.

In this blog about hats that protect you from the sun:

  • The top 6 hats to protect you from the sun
    • Baseball caps
    • Snapbacks
    • Bucket hats
    • Straw hats
    • Fisherman hats
    • Sun hats
  • How to find cheap hats to protect your skin from the sun

Ready? Let's take a look.


Top 6 Hats To Protect From Sun

All right, it's time to discuss the best hats to protect you from the sun.

Here's our list, ordered from the least sun protection to the most:

6. The Baseball Cap

Baseball caps have been helping to keep the rays off our faces for over 100 years.

Although they were first invented (and named) for a sport that is predominantly just played in the US, the caps themselves took the world by storm.

Today, baseball caps are one of the most popular options for athletes and non-athletes alike.

5. The Snapback

A slight step up from ordinary baseball caps, snapbacks, or "flat-peaks" provide a little bit more protection from the sun thanks to the wider, flatter brim.

Snapbacks are often associated with Hip Hop, as they are worn by many performers in the urban music industry.

The name comes from a plastic adjustable strap on the back that allows wearers to select a size that's perfect for them.

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4. The Bucket Hat

 Get your glam on with one of these trendy 80s rainbow bucket hats.

Ah yes, the trusty bucket hat.

While the short brim prevents bucket hats from reaching the number 1 spot on this list, there's no denying how iconic a good ol' bucket hat can be.

Bucket hats have been around for decades, yet somehow manage to always maintain a high level of popularity among men, women, and children.

Perhaps their best feature is that they're associated with silliness and fun, so you can get away with having some crazy patterns on your bucket hat.

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3. The Straw Hat

 Third-to-last, we've got the straw hat.

Straw hats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from floppy and fun to rigid and reliable.

Perfect for the beach or the park, these hats are all about SUMMER.

In fact, straw hats are so well-loved that they once caused a riot in 1922, aptly named the Straw Hat Riot.

2. The Fisherman's Hat

Perhaps the greatest thing to be associated with Australia, the fisherman's hat is truly one of a kind.

Those iconic, clippable side-flaps and that floppy yet reliable brim make this hat ideal for protecting your skin from the sun.

Goes great with a cold beer and a hot day.

1. The Sun Hat


Who saw this one coming?

That's right, the best hat to protect from sun is...

THE SUN HAT (duh).

Sun hats offer a broad, 360 degree anti-sun protection that can even extend to protect the skin on your shoulders as well.

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How to protect your skin from the sun (affordably)

So, that's it. We've covered the 6 best hats to protect you from the sun.

And as a reward for your patient reading, here's a free offer:

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Stay sun-safe and enjoy your summer!

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